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Program Philosophy

The Western Lakes Junior Football League (“WLJFL”) is designed for the improvement and development of the capabilities of individuals, to encourage team athletic endeavors in football and to promote the physical, mental and moral development of youths 7 through 14 years of age, without regard to race, creed, color or religion. Players shall receive education and instruction in football, to develop a sense of fair play, honest and fair competition and true sportsmanship:

We are committed to building our football program and establishing a tradition of developing young people to be successful student athletes.  We have 2 major goals:

  1. Provide players with an experience that will serve as a positive influence in there lives thru high school, preparing them to be good citizens.
  2. Establishing a tradition of football that our community can be proud of.



The following standard training rules and penalties will apply to all football and cheerleading teams. Individual coaches are given the privilege of setting up additional regulations governing training and practice sessions. All violations will be brought to the attention of the Unit Director.

No Use of Tobacco
No Use of Illegal Drugs
No use of Alcoholic Beverages

Penalty for the violations of the above training rules will be dismissal for the remainder of the sport season with forfeiture of all participation, awards and honors.

Athletes are reminded that in addition to these rules, WLJFL policies regarding such things as attendance, grades, behavior, foul language, Etc, must be followed. We expect our athletes to attend all practice sessions and games, even when suspended from participation. Poor sportsmanship, unlawful acts, and other types of inappropriate behavior unbecoming an athlete representing The Livonia Eagles will not be tolerated. Any of the above infractions can result in a period of ineligibility or dismissal from the sport season. Please see your coach for additional information.



Swearing, fighting, and/or improper behavior will not be tolerated. Such actions will result in ejection from the game. Anyone being ejected from more than one (1) game during the season will be suspended from the next game. Anyone being ejected from more than two (2) games during the season will be suspended for the remainder of the season. It is the responsibility of each Unit to report such ejections and/or suspensions to the WLJFL in the weekly game report. If a taunting penalty is assessed to a player, that player must be removed from the game for the next play. A fifteen (15) yard penalty shall be assessed and a warning given to the player’s coach. The second time a player is penalized for taunting during the same game, he or she will be ejected from the game and a fifteen (15) yard penalty shall be assessed. (A team time-out must be taken if a coach wants to discuss the second taunting penalty/ejection).



Please make sure any serious allergies which require immediate attention (for Example, bee stings, asthma, Etc.) are made known to our medical personnel. If your child is in need of or has the potential to be in need of any medications during practices, games, etc. a parent or guardian must be present to administer them. Medications cannot be administered by The Livonia Eagles.

All jewelry is prohibited-with the exception of medical medals. Medic alert emblems a can be taped to the wrist with only the medic alert insignia showing.

All Teams participating in the League will be covered under one insurance policy that will be issued to the WLJFL. Payment of the policy will be shared equally between all Teams of the League. Contact league Directors for more information.

 During a practice or a game if your child has been injured:

  1. Parents are NOT allowed on the field, unless called by the coach or medic.
  2. Medics can ONLY go out on the field when called by the coaches or refs.
  3.  Parents CANNOT sign a release for their child.
  4.  Releases MUST come from the child’s doctor.

Upon coming to practice or games

  1. If your child is ill or injured, YOU THE PARENT MUST notify the Coach or Director.
  2. You the parent are then responsible for your child and we are asking that you stay during this time.
  3. Any Player/Cheerleader not practicing must remain on the sidelines with their team. They are NOT allowed on the playing field and they are not the responsibility of The Livonia Eagles


  1. Inhalers MUST be labeled and parent must be present to administer.
  2. Players may store them in league certified medical kits during the season.
  3.  Neither coaches nor the player/cheerleader may carry them


  1. No Individual shall be encouraged to lose weight under any circumstances.
  2.  No use of rubber suits or steam room are allowed

This is a division rule any board member hearing of this shall notify the President of the board.


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