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Jul, 2021

2021 Football and Cheer Season FAQ


Q: When does Football & Cheer practice begin? Where will it be?
A: Football practice begins Monday, August 9th and will run from 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm at the Bentley Field practice area (between the southside of the Bentley Field & Jamison). SEE MAP BELOW. Please note that in the past, we have adjusted the times if the heat index is high that day (typically to be later). If that is to happen, you will receive an email from the Livonia Eagles Eagle’s Nest or your child’s coach.
Cheer practice begins Tuesday, August 10 and will run from 6:00 – 7:30 pm.

Q: How often is / when is practice?
A: This varies by squad. See below for more info:

  • Flag Football: Pre-game season practices typically happen 3 times per week (beginning 8/9/21). Once games begin, the number of practices per week drops down to two. In the past, pre-game season practices have typically been Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 5:30-7:30 pm. Once games begin, practices have typically been on Wednesday & Friday. The exact days are subject to change and the Head Flag Coach will communicate final days/times at a later date. As soon as those days/times are finalized, you will know.
  • Tackle Football (Freshman, JV & Varsity): Pre-game season practices typically happen 5 times per week (beginning 8/9/21). Once games begin, the number of practices per week drops down to four. In the past, pre-game season practices have typically been Monday - Friday from 5:30-8:00 pm. Once games begin, practices have typically been on Friday. The exact days are subject to change and your child’s Head Coach will communicate final days/times at a later date. As soon as those days/times are finalized, you will know.
  • Cheer (All Squads): Practice will be 6 – 7:30 PM, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. No practice 8/13/21. 
Q: What should Football players wear / bring with them to practice?
A: This varies by squad. All players are encouraged to bring a water bottle (with their name on it) to stay hydrated during practice.
There will also be a watering station nearby. See below for more info:
  • Flag Football Players should wear comfortable shorts (supporter & cup), a mouth guard, their flag football helmet & practice jersey (or a white t-shirt with their last name written on the front and back with a sharpie, or similar permanent marker if the practice jerseys have not yet been handed out) and football cleats (molded plastic, removable cleats are not allowed).
  • Tackle Football (Freshman, JV & Varsity) Players should wear their helmet, shoulder pads, practice jersey, mouth guard, padded girdle, cup & supporter, practice pants with knee and thigh pads (if needed), socks and cleats (molded plastic, removable cleats are not allowed). Coaches will check all required items prior to any player contact
Q: What should Cheerleader’s wear / bring with them to practice?
A: All cheerleaders are encouraged to bring a water bottle (with their name on it) to stay hydrated during practice. There will also be a watering station nearby. Cheerleaders MUST wear tennis shoes or cheer shoes. They also must wear practice attire and have their hair up and out of their face. NO JEANS, JEAN SHORTS, AND/OR YOGA SHORTS.


Q: What time are games? What time do we need to be there?
A: Flag Football & cheer squads are required to arrive 30 minutes prior to a game’s start time. Tackle football players and cheerleaders are asked to arrive at least one hour before game times to allow for weigh in time, warming up, and half-time routine practice. Always remember to call the head coach if your child is going to be late or absent. Please use the below start times as a guide:
Saturday or Sunday Game Start Times
Flag 9:00 am (some away games may start at 10:00 am)
Freshman 11:00 am (some away games may start at noon)
Jr. Varsity 1:00 pm (some away games may start at 2:00 pm)
Varsity 3:00 pm (some away games may start at 4:00 pm)
Q: When is Homecoming?
A: The Homecoming game is typically one of the first "home" games of the season and we like to kick it off with a little fun. The 2021 Livonia Eagles Homecoming game is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 11, 2021 and will be at Bentley Field. This year’s theme is USA. 
Q: How is Homecoming different from other games? What should I expect?
A: Homecoming is typically a celebration to kick-off the season, filled with Eagle Spirit and fun activities for all. Based on the decisions of the Homecoming Committee, this format is subject to change year to year. Each family will receive information once plans are finalized (likely sometime in August).
In an effort to provide you with more details on what to expect, below is a list of what has been done in past Homecomings.
  • Floats: In the past, cheer leaders and their families have made themed floats to ride around in during half-time. (That is a choice left up to the cheer directors and each squad.)
  • Posters: Parents are also encouraged to make a poster for their player or cheerleader to hang on the fence that day. Some families choose to make homemade posters with the player’s picture, squad, jersey number and whatever extra decorations that you'd like to add. Other families choose to have posters made at Costco or other photo processing centers. Have fun with it but no need to break the bank.
  • Family Night: Family Night is the night before Homecoming. It's held at Bentley Field. The coaches usually cut practice a little short that night and all the squads will head over to the field where there will be food and beverages and games for the parents and kids. There will also likely be some sort of fun activity for all to participate in, as well as a time to showcase the Varsity boys and girls who are in their final year with the Eagles with a gift and small ceremony on the field. Please note: We will likely be requesting donations from families (either monetary or by way of food & beverages to pass around). More information will be provided sometime in August.
Pink Out Game

Q: What is the Pink Out Game and when is it?
A: The Pink Out Game is an annual event during the month of October during a home game where the Livonia Eagles help raise awareness of breast cancer. This year’s event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday October 2nd.
Q: How is the Pink Out Game different than other games? What should I expect?
A: Parent volunteers help to host a fundraiser at this game with all the proceeds going to the chosen charity. This is usually a bake sale & raffle fundraiser with amazing gift baskets and prizes that have been donated by local and national businesses. Historically, this event has been a huge success and the kids & parents have a lot of fun. While not mandatory, many players get involved by wearing pink for this game (while adhering to uniform guidelines). Please do not use any face paint, colored hair spray or temporary hair dye as they have been known in the past to drip into players’ eyes / stain uniforms. For newer families, here are a few items that have been used by the kids (and many parents!) during past Pink Out games:
  • Pink socks, wristbands, shoelaces, under shirts, eye black stick-ons, mouth guards, etc.
  • Pink water bottles
  • Pink ribbons, ribbon stickers & ribbon tattoos by wearing pink accessories like socks, armbands, t-shirts, etc.


Q: How much are we expected to volunteer?
A: Each family has a commitment to volunteer 3 times per season in order to maintain your veteran status year to year (meaning you get priority registration for the 2022 season).
Q: Why are we being asked to volunteer?
A: The Livonia Eagles is 100% volunteer run, no exceptions. We simply cannot run a successful program without the help and involvement of each family. You will hear over & over about volunteering. There are many opportunities available to fulfill your volunteer duties. There will be a sign-up system in place as the season gets started. When each family does their part, our season will run pretty smoothly. Varsity parents are required to help out with clean up and tear down (as one of the three times) for our home games. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please see one of the Directors to have them addressed. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from fulfilling your family’s volunteer obligations, please contact us at [email protected].
We need several key volunteer positions for the 2021 Season.  Volunteers are needed to fulfill the Homecoming, Fundraising, and Banquet Committee positions.  We are also in need of Player Safety and Team Managers.  There will be a Key Volunteer meeting on Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at the Concession stand at 6:00 pm if you are interested in taking on a position or joining a committee.  Flag Football is also seeking any parents wishing to help coach this season.  Please see Mike Griswold at practice if you wish to volunteer. 

Q: How much fundraising are we expected to do?
A: Currently there is only one required fundraiser for the Eagles. That is selling raffle tickets. You will receive these tickets and information about this at the mandatory parents meeting. Throughout the season there may be other opportunities to get together for fun adult nights out like, bowling or other group activities or the option to work concessions at events like concert and sporting events that would raise money for the Eagles. These events are a lot of fun and are optional.
RAFFLE TICKETS AND MONEY FOR THE 2021 SEASON ARE DUE BACK TO LIZ GROTH BY AUGUST 11, 2021 AT 5:30PM.  Liz will be at practice 8/9 – 8/11 and sits under the trees by the POD.  Please un-bundle your tickets prior to returning them. 
Q: Will I be asked to donate money for anything?
A: There will be times throughout the season that you may be asked to donate money for various reasons. For example, we ask that each family donate either money or a specific item to contribute to a basket that gets raffled off at the Pink Out Game. There typically is a collection taken up by the Team Managers for coaches’ gifts at the end of the year. Your participation in these donations or collections are very much appreciated but completely optional.


Q: How will I be kept up to date on season activities?
A: There are a number of methods used to communicate to families during the season. Here are a few:
  • Eagles Nest Newsletter: Weekly emails to keep everyone informed on all Eagle activities have begun for the 2021 season. This email is generated through our private, secure web system. The email address that you provided at registration will be used for all email communication. If you did not use the email address that you prefer to have receiving future email communications upon registration, please subscribe your preferred email address on our website at All other people interested in receiving email for the 2021 season can also subscribe through our website. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability, to add anyone outside of the distribution provided at registration.
  • Eagles Nest Weekly Meeting: Eagles Nest is held weekly (weather permitting) on Friday evenings at the end of practices (usually around 7:30 pm). The players, cheerleaders, coaches, directors and parents gather together near the Pod (a large storage unit) at the Bentley practice field. At this time, the Directors share brief announcements with the group and the cheerleaders give everyone a preview of a cheer they've been working on. Usually pizza & pop is also available to purchase.
  • Livonia Eagles Facebook Page: The Directors and a few key volunteers serve as admins for the Livonia Eagles Facebook page. Here you will find timely information about the season, important reminders, events and such. If you are an active Facebook user, we recommend “liking” the page to keep up to date.
  • Coach Emails: Typically, coaches will also send out regular email communications to parents containing information that is more relevant for your child’s specific squad. These emails typically begin around the same time that practice begins.
  • Director Emails: The Cheer Director typically sends out regular email communications to parents containing information that is more relevant for Cheer parents.


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